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All it took was my 5 different personalities to make it to finals!!! I can't wait for Sunday –> 7pm (2pm ET)

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Monday we wear white 4 Days out, can't wait to be in London tomorrow !!!

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It's true… I'm a vaultaholic ‍♀️. : @ajghilardi

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Can't hold back that smile anymore ! 2017 was a dream season. From breaking the Canadian record 3 times (1xIndoor, 2xOutdoor) to being 7th at my first World Championships!!! I can't help but thank my entire team ! My coaches, Doug Wood and Zdenek Krykorka thank you for believing in me, pushing me past my limits and most of all helping me create a life that I never thought I could live! My agents @doylemanagement , you guys rock! Always making sure everything is set up and ready to go so that I can perform at my best! @jfischersports you guys continue to build my brand, stepping outside the box with me and dealing with my crazy ideas for the future! Thank you @dixiefordsales for being apart of Team Newman, without you guys I wouldn't be able to get back an forth to practices !! @athleticscanada @athleticsont @teamcanada @sportcanada thank you for allowing me to do what I love day in and out! Allowing me to wear our maple leaf proudly across my chest ! Thank you @nike , I've dreamed of becoming a Nike athlete since I was little. You have done more then just put me in some pretty awesome clothing and running shoes, you've allowed me to tell my story! That anything is possible if you work hard and believe in yourself! Lastly, my family, my parents my number ones! When I felt I was at my lowest, you guys picked me, brushed me off and reminded me how great the highs are, on and off the track! I wouldn't be where I am without your support, I love you guys more then anything ❤️. . . : @ole.kvist

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Ready for you summa !! Whenever you decide to stay ☀️ #Summer2017

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Training session one in the books !! Auckland truly is beautiful, I might not come home #2017 #PoleVault #ACT17 #auckland

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Already going through withdrawals!! Can't wait for 2017 season #PoleVault

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This one is for you Canada 🇨🇦💯♥️ 📸: @alishalovrich

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