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So…. reason for not posting that much for a few weeks now…. i injured my right wrist. I heard and felt a pop with sharp pain on July 18th. Since then I have only climbed 4 days. Thinking this would just get better, but it wasn't getting better as fast as I thought it would. This is the reason I didn't take part in competing at the all women's Comp at @dogpatchboulders a bit ago. It started feeing a bit better so I thought it would be ok to climb in the @psicocomp with tape on, but after the comp it started hurting again. So now I have climbed 1 day since then and just hiking to upper upper in RMNP for @joelzerr . I don't even bring my shoes so I'm not tempted at all! Lol I finally saw the wrist surgeon ‍⚕️ in Vail at the Steadman Clinic and got a MRI today. He thinks it's most likely a Meniscus tare in the wrist and if that's all it is then I can still go on my Europe trip, we are suppose to leave next week on Wednesday. There are a couple things that are a bit more complicated that he is a little worried about and wants to rule out. So !!! I really want to go to EUROPE and climb!!! If I am able to take part at the World Cup in Munich it will be interesting since I was only able to climb 4 DAYS in the last 3 WEEKS and 2 of those days were at the @psicocomp which was speed climbing a 5.12c ! At least I'm most psyched on The Magic Wood part of the trip anyways!!! ALSO, wrist problems have been an issue of mine since I was in my late teens. I actually popped this same wrist when I was 20 and had to get a cortisone shot in it which held up. Doc thinks that's what we should maybe do again, but only if it's he Meniscus. #lifeofanathlete #wanttoclimb #europe #fingerscrossed @

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Wow, I have been doing this for so long now! I was just looking through some pictures and started to think of how many competitions I have competed in….. A LOT!!! I have been climbing for about 2 months now since my spinal injury and I have already done 4 competitions, which I have take 1st Place in all! I feel very lucky to be able to still do what I love!!! I have another big competition this weekend in San Diego and then I go to Bishop for 2 weeks and then off to Hueco Tanks for 3 weeks right after that! More then psyched to get back outside!!! ❤️ Thank you for the @jefftheclimber ! @e9clothing @us_e9 @scarpana @petzl_official @frictionlabs #womenwhoclimb #lovewhatyoudo #thankful #bouldering #life

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Happy creatures! #myfave #leodog ❤️

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