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We all, in our own way, live a double life and I absolutely LOVE to uncover that about people. For example, many people know me as one person or another, but not often both. On one hand, I do model and I won Miss Universe Canada this past year. That is most of what you see on here. On the other hand, I have #MyHiddenHalf where I graduated from Industrial Engineering and love using technology to solve complex problems (psttt in Canada, we earn an Iron Ring when we graduate that we wear on our pinky fingers, but that's a story for another time). From crowns to coding, my life feels polar opposite at times, yet both of them take a LOT of hard work behind the scenes even though this isn't often shown on the surface. Okay, maybe Dominika in the new @TheRedSparrowMovie, might have had a liiiiiiiitle bit of more intense training being a Red Sparrow and all …. but close enough right? Seriously though, maybe it's because I have totally not-so-secretly imagined myself being a bad a** female action/thriller movie character, but I am pumped for this movie. Check out the link in my bio! And it's J-Law. Enough said. #RedSparrow #ad

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Hard to believe this day was just over a month ago! 😱 I first competed at Miss Canada in 2014, placed 2nd runner up and thought it simply wasn’t meant for me. I felt defeated. After a short time, that experience led to opportunities in which I grew both professionally and personally. By the time I decided to run again, there was a stronger message to share and I hoped to encourage young women challenge stereotypes and be fearless, especially in STEM. To have set foot on the #MissUniverse stage with 92 other women was a dream come true, let alone having heard “Canada” being announced into the top 10. The messages I have received from many of you, how you were encouraged to face your challenges head on, warms my heart the most 💕 It’s funny the way the life happens and what a higher power has in store for us. Every experience and encounter is meant to be. None of this may have been possible had I won back in 2014 and I’m forever grateful for all your love and support. The future isn’t meant to be seen clearly, but the journey is meant to be enjoyed fully🙏🏻a

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Found him!! An All Star Reunion in Columbus with Carlton #TMLtalk #RogersAllStars

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